What Gear Do You Need to Start Practicing Yoga?


Beginning your own yoga practice doesn’t require much in the way of additional items. Unlike weightlifting or joining a football team, the various pieces of equipment necessary for any practice need a minimal investment of space and money. For those who are interested in getting started with a yogic lifestyle, it’s important to weed through the items available for purchase at a sporting goods store to determine what is essential for your practice.


Yoga Mat

Your yoga mat is one of the critical pieces that no yogi can genuinely be without. It separates you from the floor during seated poses and reclined postures. It allows you to practice anywhere at any time, with only a few flicks of the wrist to roll out the mat. Not only does it offer some protection and hygiene during your workout, but your yoga mat also serves to provide safety.

For example, a well-made yoga mat will provide excellent grip to prevent your hands and feet from slipping as you move through various poses. Even during a rigorous practice, the grip of your mat should be able to keep you from sliding further than necessary to put your body into alignment. The padding of the mat also protects your knees and tailbone in certain positions, such as the staff pose or the pigeon pose.


Yoga Blocks And Strap 

Yoga blocks and a strap both allow yogis to modify poses to a more comfortable position until they gain the flexibility to perform the full posture. It is especially crucial for new yogis who may not have the looseness in their muscles to move into a pose with correct alignment. A yoga block allows yogis to prop themselves up in their standing poses, while a strap will enable them to move into deeper stretches.


Yoga Workout Clothing

Putting on the appropriate type of workout clothing for your practice isn’t often mentioned when it comes to the necessary equipment for beginners. However, you need to ensure that you’re appropriately outfitted to move through your sequence. Tops should provide excellent coverage without being too tight to allow you to breathe freely. The breath is a critical aspect of well-rounded yoga practice so nothing should hinder you from enjoying it freely.

Yogis love workout leggings of all varieties for their practice. The thinner spandex fabric allows them to remain cool while still offering them plenty of space to move comfortably. They are versatile enough to wear year-round and match most of the other items already found in your closet. Other popular options for yoga athleisure apparel include compression pants, yoga pants, and Capri leggings.


Your Mindset

After all of the proper tangible items have been acquired, the most important thing to bring to your mat is the right mindset. Begin your practice with a feeling of love and compassion toward yourself, focusing on what your body needs at this moment. An open heart and mind to enjoy the practice is an absolute necessity to move further into the yoga lifestyle.

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