Take Good Care of Your Wardrobe

If you’re anything like me, you have a wardrobe full of pretty dresses, shirts, leggings, and jeans; not to mention your shoe collection. But sometimes life gets in the way, and stains pop onto your valuable clothes. For those situations, I have prepared a list of stain removal tricks that keep your clothes looking great for years to come.

  • I love picnics outdoor and in nature. While I’m also pretty nonchalant about sitting in the grass, it is all fun until I forget that I’m wearing a light-colored dress and that grass stains are all over it. The easiest way to remove them from it is with vinegar.
  • Have you ever heard that you can cure a hangover with more wine? Well, this is similar. You can easily remove stains of red wine with the white kind. 
  • When you have that time of the month, you accidentally leak all over your sheets. I don’t know if it’s just me, but no matter how hard I try, I manage to get blood on my sheets. The first important part is that you get the sheets to the cold water. Then use hydrogen peroxide to wipe them clean.
  • I love salads, but when I eat them, sometimes oil sprinkles on your shirt. Don’t get scared that your precious fabric is ruined. You can get the oil off by using chalk. I luckily have a stash of my toddler’s chalk almost always on hand.
  • I don’t drink coffee often. But when I do, I tend to get a little bit on my clothes – Just my luck (or my clumsiness). To remove it, simply sprinkle it with baking soda and rub off.
  • I have also thought that I ruined a number of shirts with deodorant. The stains were especially visible on white tops. But then I rubbed them with denim, and the yellow stains miraculously disappeared. 
  • The same goes for sweat stains. Those go off nicely if you squeeze fresh lemon juice on top. Rub it in and then wash the clothes as you normally would.
  • While I also don’t wear lipstick often, but when pulling a fresh shirt over my head can somehow get it on my clothes. Or maybe in the heat of the moment you get it on your lover’s shirt. Oh, you mischievous girl! Save the day with baby wipes. They are very effective. For those same reasons, I would hardly ever use them for their original purpose. Maybe I am just too skeptical!
  • I also love to draw, create, and paint. Writing with colored pens and ink taught me one thing: to either wear clothes that you don’t care for anymore. When you do get ink on any of your precious clothes, or when your kid’s ball pen explodes, and you try to save the day, wash it off with milk.
  • While we all struggle with this last one from time to time, to get your make up off, you won’t need to go far, grab your shaving cream and get them off.

Let me know how you care for your clothes and how you save the day when stains seem to find a way to end up on you.

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