Pranayamic Slow-Rate Breathing and Oxygen Consumption

The Pranayama form of Yoga

Pranayama means vital air. It is the kind of yoga that has a focus on your breathing technique. The asana of this type of yoga is all about controlling your breath. According to Bhagwat Geeta, “vital air,” which is translated into English as oxygen, is a crucial element of life and helps a person regulate the many features of the body. This form of yoga is all about how a person can draw in air and breathe out air and the amount of oxygen that the body collects. Pranayama yoga is now being suggested by doctors as part of healing through breathing.

The Pranayama and Breathing Techniques:

The Pranayama involves a lot of breathing techniques, and hence a set of cross-sectional studies were conducted to identify the benefits that this asana had to offer. The people who were asked to do pranayama slow-rate breathing were the ones who could accumulate 50.2% more oxygen in their body than the ones who were performing the deep breathing technique. This signified that the slow breathing technique enabled the lungs to store a higher amount of oxygen, as compared to the longer breathing technique. Make sure to wear comfortable and soft leggings while practicing and you will see the difference.

The Benefits of Pranayama for Yoga and the Short-Term Breathing Technique:

• Pranayama short-term breathing can increase the life span of an individual. It helps the breath at a methodical pace, which ensures continuous and quality supply of oxygen in the body. Many problems of the body are resolved with a healthy amount of oxygen within the body. Thus, increasing the health quotient of the body and ensuring a longer life.

• Slow breathing techniques allow the proper usage of lungs. This is very true in general cases. The human body does not use its lungs to the full extent. Slow breathing technique helps in utilizing the lungs to the max and ensures a fresh supply of oxygen intake. This leads to higher oxygen absorption in the bloodstream and providing a healthy body system.

• Slow breathing helps you have a harness over the thought process. When the brain is getting a fresh and increased supply of oxygen, negative thoughts stay away, and this helps in staying active and having positive thoughts in the mind. It boosts determination and causes an increase in confidence levels.

• Proper breathing makes sure that the person is free from any stress. When the lungs have the right amount of oxygen, the bloodstream absorbs a lot more than usual and ensures a healthy body system. The person’s mind is less tense and they can think right. The body is stress-free with proper breathing. If a person is under stress, they take shorter breaths, if that person starts taking slow breaths, they are likely to feel less tensed as the increased oxygen loaded blood supply reduces the tension that has built up.

• Pranayama breathing makes sure that the 72,000 nerves of the body are all flushed out of toxins, and the energy flow of the body has balanced accurately.

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